The design of textiles and other “surface-designed” products has always been very important to many consumers. More recently, the significance of consumer demands on the design of products in general has risen considerably. In this respect, modern product design, together with sales-promotional design, is becoming increasingly relevant, even for small and mid-sized companies.


If the significance of good design is recognized by entrepreneurs, in-house solutions are often too cost-intensive. Employing an experienced and flexible external designer to enhance the company’s signature style is an interesting option.


I always look for convincing product design in context and as part of corporate design and marketing, along with technology and sales.


Products of varying complexions in different segments of the market inspire me and enable me to use synergy effects in the design process.


In order to do justice to demanding design standards, I work across products with art, architecture and interior design, fashion and related fields of design products and I allow the knowledge resulting from this to flow into my work.


To me, technical implementation and concern for the product during production are matters of the heart.