I am a Product Design graduate. My creative activity as designer and colourist over a span of more than twenty years in the manufacturing industry qualifies me as an expert in trend-relevant design and future-oriented range management. In the past, I have been active in the fields of wallpaper and wall design, furniture and decorative fabrics, automotive upholstery, and wall to wall carpeting and custom-made carpets.


My grasp of technique and my experience enable me to handle, in addition to pure product design, complete responsibility for product implementation during production.


Experienced handling of all print processes relevant to surface design comes as a matter of course, as does my understanding of the performance of diverse printing materials and print substrate, such as fabrics, PVC, nonwovens, and paper.


I am equally experienced in weaving design and weaving techniques.


I achieve a high degree of innovation in my design through continuous and detailed analysis of trends, markets and target groups. I am able to convey my creative observations to others in such a way that people who are organized differently are able to understand them. I communicate trends as something tangible.


I am absolutely reliable with regard to colour. I absorb colour trends with sensitivity and transfer such insights to each respective group of products, taking markets and target groups specifically into account. Furthermore, I am able to accurately analyse colours, both in and of themselves and within a colour scheme. One of my strengths is being able to colourize in the finest nuances and to assess colours.


I am an enthusiastic mediator and an advocate for good design, executed in correspondingly good quality. I have the ability to convey this in a positive manner. I was able to demonstrate this in the course of numerous contacts with customers and during a series of lectures I gave at the Niederrhein University of Applied Science in Krefeld.